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Ever been that little bit too embarrassed to invite approximately that sexual act that your friends down the neighborhood pub have been referring to?

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Ever been that little bit too embarrassed to invite approximately that sexual act that your friends down the neighborhood pub have been referring to? Well don’t fret! We have your lower back – The Hyderabad Escorts Saucy Dictionary covers all the major terms banded round by means of those trying to brag approximately matters they most possibly haven’t performed!



 Conventional sex that most effective happens on anniversaries, on birthdays and at Party.



In the porn enterprise, this term has nothing to do with a cash machine! The acronym describes the action of 1 companion taking something that had formerly been inserted within the different’s backside and placing it in their mouth.

A – A description of your derriere rhyming with farce

T – To

M – Mouth

Grim, we recognize!



 A ‘cottage’ used to be a gay slang time period for a public rest room. Cottaging consequently mentioned the anonymous intercourse enjoyed among men in a “cottage” / public lavatory.

 Daisy Chain

 A Daisy Chain refers to group sex, or more mainly, oral sex, in which the individuals both deliver and receive oral sex on the equal time. This is generally executed in a round style, subsequently the photograph of a daisy chain.




 The time period ‘dogging’ was first coined thru the occurrence of dog walkers stumbling throughout couples furtively having intercourse outdoor and stopping to look at, just out of sight. In current years, dogging has emerge as more of an prepared interest in which places are particular in order that couples can publically have sex in front of strangers for a heightened sexual thrill. The exercise remains taken into consideration to be alternatively seedy.



 When nearing their sexual climax, couples purposefully prevent which will elongate the sexual anticipation and increase. This is believed to cause extra pride when the couple does agree to climax together.


Married Couple

 A three-individual sexual courting. This time period is non-gender precise, so the trio might be 3 girls, three guys, women and a person or,  guys and a woman. Traditionally, the trio might be residing below the same roof. The time period interprets from French as ‘family of 3.’



 This time period again is an acronym status for:

M – Mother

I – I’d

L – Like to

F – (have family members with – rhyming with duck!)

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Typically, a barely extra mature lady who would have relations with a more youthful guy.



 Pure and really having a foot fetish.



 A shape of bondage wherein the man or woman dominating their companion sits at the facet in their face. A secure word ought to always be agreed upon before performing this act to save you any discomfort to the neck and to save you suffocation.



 The act of sucking any other’s feet.

Spit roasting

 Traditionally, this in an act in which a hyderabad female escorts is penetrated from at the back of by means of the first man, while giving oral intercourse to a second guy.


Stranger On The Rocks

 Using a handful of ice to send your hand numb before masturbation. This way, your thoughts is arguably fooled into wondering it's miles the hand of a ‘stranger’.



 When the person time and again inserts his scrotum into another’s mouth, like the act of dunking a teabag in a mug.



 Vanilla Sex

8 Myths About Sex You Need to Stop Believing


Sex this is visible to conform to societal norms. Usually, this includes no shape of BDSM, fetishism or kink.